overnight stay

As the trip from some countries is rather lengthy it might be wise to plan an overnight stay.

Germany has plenty of possibilities in the way of hotels, motels, Gasthaus, Pension, Zimmer frei or Gästezimmer. It shouldn’t be much of a problem finding a place to stay without reserving in advance. As far as Poland is concerned, places to look out for are: hotels, motels, guest houses (pensjonat, noclegi, pokoje gościnne, wolne pokoje – the term “z łazienkami” means “with bathroom”). West Poland also uses the German titles mentioned above. Campgrounds can usually offer you an overnight stay in a wooden cabin as well.

practical tips:

● Poland requires a valid passport, with a maximum of 3 months before the expiry date.
● Our guesthouse is an ideal meeting point for people who have a partnership with Polish families.
● Taking used clothing/shoes meant for charity into Poland is against the law. We advise you to contact an official organisation who can help you with the correct procedures. Please contact us for an address.
● Exchanging Euro’s can be done in “Kantors”. Paying with PIN cards or credit cards is widely acceptable (for example in gas stations – look for the sign “Bankomat”).
● Make sure you are familiar with the rules concerning import and export regulations.
● Take care to keep to the speed limits as controlling is a regular habit of the authorities.
● Some roads have extra wide lanes to enable vehicles the freedom to pass freely, make sure you keep well to the right in these situations.
● In the period of November 1st until March 1st driving with head lights on is mandatory.

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