route description

via Berlin:
Take either the Arnhem/Oberhausen or the Oldenzaal/Osnabrück border crossing heading towards the Berlin Ring. At the Schönefelder Kreuz follow route to Dresden/Cottbus. Do not take the Dresden exit but keep on driving until the border crossing Forst/Olszyna. Continue on the same road the following day to Wrocław. In case you want to spend a night during your trip, please contact us for advice.

(» from here, follow route A1 – see below)

via Dresden:
Through Dortmund and Kassel to Dresden. Border crossing Ludwigsdorf just above Görlitz. Follow signs to Wrocław (Breslau) through Bolesławiec until the A4 takes you to Wrocław. (» from here, follow route A1 – see below)

» Route A1:

Between the Polish border and Wrocław temporarely obstructions of the traffic due to roadworks. After „Ikea” near Wrocław the speedway is ready till Kraków. Please be aware that there is a toll requirement on the traject Wrocław till Gliwice. For pricing check the following link: Pricing. Near Katowice at the crossing „Murczowska” you take direction Bielsko-Cieszyn-Tychy, roadnr. 86. Straight on to Bielsko. There you take direction „Szczyrk” and follow roadnr. 942 till Buczkowice. There straight on to Lipowa. Stay on the main road. That will take you over Godziszka along the church „with the blue M” in direction Żywiec. First asphalt road to the left. Start counting the houses at your left hand. Opposite to the third house is ul. Stroma, between two houses with gardens. Next house at your right hand is Villa Kotlina. When the gate should be locked up because of the dog, please ring the bell at the small gate.

via Czech Republic:
Follow freeway from Prague to Bratislava and then road nr. 46 through Frydek-Mistek or road nr. 11 through Ostrava-Cieszyn. After border crossing continue on road nr. 1 and take the exit to Bielsko Biała Center/Szczyrk. (» from here, follow route A2 – see below)

» Route A2:

Follow signs “Szczyrk”, road nr. 942 leading straight to Buczkowice through Bystra and Meszna. Pay attention to this intersection! Do not take the road to Szczyrk but continue straight on, over the bridge, following signs “Lipowa” following the curve in the road to the right. Follow main road through Godziszka, it curves to the right just before the church. Then take the first road on your left leading into Kalna. Look for sign “Ul. Stroma” on your right, or just across from the third house at the left, turn right and follow through until you catch sight of our house, on the right, just past an open field.

via Kraków:
Take road nr. 7 (E77) – otherwise known as “Transyt Chyżne” – to Zakopane. Then follow Wadowice/Bielsko Biała, until just past Kęty. At the roundabout in Czaniec take the left hand turnoff to Porąbka-Mięzybrodzie. Just past Czernichów is a dam, follow the road that curves around the lake on it’s right hand side. Reaching road nr. 69 take a right hand turn. (» from here, follow route B – see below)

via Rabka and Zakopane:
Follow road nr. 28 through Jordanów, Maków Podhalański. Take the Sucha Beskidzka turnoff following road nr. 946 to Żywiec. Then turn onto road nr. 69 leading to Bielsko Biała. (» from here, follow route B – see below)

» Route B:

Follow road nr. 69 until the Kalna turnoff. On the corner is a transportation company. Turn left into Kalna. Just beyond the church (left) and a school (right) is the Villa Kotlina sign. Turn left and follow through until you catch sight of our house just past an open field.

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